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July 18th - 22nd, 2005




"Turopolje" Folk-ensemble was founded three decades ago, with the goal to cherish the cultural-artistic heritage of their region and of Croatia as a whole. The ensemble represented Croatia folklore on festivals in many countries: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, France, Turkey, England, Sardinia, Canada, USA, Egypt and Ireland.
It cherished the songs and dances of Croats from all over Croatia. The dances they perform are coreographed by renowned Croatian coreographers.
It is the only ensemble in Croatia that has its own workshop on manufacturing and production of folklore costumes. The workshop is led by Tomislav Miličević.
"Turopolje" Folk Ensemble is the organizer of the International Folk Festival that has been organized in Velika Gorica for already six years in a row.

"Turopolje" Folk Ensemble
Slavka Kolara bb
10410 Velika Gorica


The "Storici Sbandieratori delle Contrade di Cori" group was founded in September 1976. by a group of young man who wanted to reintroduce the medieval waving of the flag. After having studied this medieval art form from authentic documents "Acta", which described folkloristic traditions from the 16th Century, they decided they wanted to exhibit the culture of the ancient "Gens Corana" both at home and abroad. The coreography aims to harmonize the entire group, rather than highlighting the ability of individuals.
Together, the group manages to spectacularize the waving of the flags, bulding a crescendo of whirling and swirling, tossing and exchanging of flags. Over twenty years, they have developed their style and became a highly professional folkloristic group, participating in festivals, both national and international. The contact with other cultures has enriched their own folklore culture and popularized the name and the age-old tradition of the ancient "Cora".
The "Storici Sbandieratori delle Contrade di Cori" group consists of a herald, trumpeters, drummers and the flag wavers. Through the interplay of the sounds, the gorgeous colors of the costumes and the breath-taking movements imparted to the flags, the flagwavers try to conjure up an atmosphere of the days gone by. And the audience is ever more thrilled, rewarding the performance of the artists wholeheartedly, with spontaneous and resounding salvoes of applause on many stages all over the world, including those in Vatican, USA, China, Cuba, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Finland, Austria, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain and Great Britain.

Storici Sbandieratori delle Contrade di Cori
04010 Cori (LT) - Via S.Tolmmaso, 5
C.P. 22 - ITALY
Tel/fax: ++39 06 96 77 161
e-mail: sbandieratori@tiscalinet.it


"Tikveš" Folk Esemble is founded in 1953. at the "Ivan Mazov-Klime" Cultural Center. It cherishes the Macedonian folk tradition and performs successfully at the stages in Macedonia and abroad.
Its long-standing activity, as well as its enthusiasm and love of Macedonian tradition, folklore and songs took the ensemble to various prestigious festivals in Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Greece and Bulgaria.
Their repertoire consists of various choreographies of the Macedonian folk songs and dances, such as: "Nevestinsko oro", "Tresenica", "Kaladžijsko", "Starotikveško", "Šaino", "Eastern Macedonia" potpourri, "Skopske igre", etc. They perform the dances in traditional folk costumes, accompanied with the orchestra playing on folk instruments.
Kavadarci town is located in central Macedonia. It is the biggest wine-growing and winemaking region in the Balkans.

"IVAN MAZOV-KLIME" Cultural Center
"TIKVEŠ" Folk Ensemble
7th September street, no. 1. 1430 Kavadarci
Tel/fax: ++389 43 400 370
E-mail: dkkavadarci@sonet.com.mk
Director: Aleksandar Malinkov


BiH Cultural Artistic-Association "YOUTH", Stuttgart - GERMANY

The Ensemble was founded in 1972. The boys and the girls that make up the folk group are mostly of BiH origin. For already 40 years they have been attesting that they are the faithful interpreters of the rich cultural traditions of Bosnian peoples. They have participated in a number of international folk festivals in Germany and Western Europe, as well as won prestigious prizes.
"YOUTH" Folk Ensemble has for ten times in a row won the 1st prize at traditional Yugoslav folklore festivals which were held in Germany up to 1992, the year in which the war in BiH broke out. They were the winners of the 1st prize in Europe three times. They also three times won the 1st prize in the post-war festivals of BiH folklore in Germany.
During its three-decade-long activity, the Ensemble preformed more than 2000 times, in that way introducing musical-folklore tradition of its country into kindergardens, schools, fabric halls, nursing homes and onto open stages of the largest city squares of the Western Europe. These stages echoed with the Bosnian and Herzegovinian songs and dances, which stand for Bosnian soul.
"YOUTH" Folk Ensemble is the open multicultural youth society, where each individual is being respected in his/her individuality, as well as in his/her religious and ethnic singularity. It speaks for the multicultural roots of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jugendkulturverein Bosnien und Herzegowina
Mladost e.V.
Hackstr. 37, 70190, Stuttgart
E-mail: mladost@freenet.de



It was created in 1957. The group takes its name from a Lower Silesian dance from Jedlina Zdrój. The members of the ensemble are the students of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw as well as other university centers in Wroclaw. Since 1980 the group has been directed by Ms Jadwiga Kimber-Brzezicka.
Not only does the ensemble perform the Silesian folklore, for instance, Lower Silesian, Upper Silesian, Cieszyński and Opolski Silesian, Beskid Śląski, Zaglębie Dąbrowskie, but also the folklore from other Polish regions like Beskid Żywiecki, in the area of Nowy Sącz and Opoczno. It also performs national Polish dances - polonaise, masur and cracoviac.
"Jedliniok" gives performances during very important cultural events in the city and it attends festivals outdoor activities, reviews and university students' celebrations.
The group has performed in many countries and in different continents. It represented Poland in numerous and famous international folk festivals. It has been invited to Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, the United States of America, Taiwan and Hungary.
For its contribution to spreading the national Polish culture in and out of the country and for its artistic achievements, the group was awarded the Diploma of the Minister of Culture and Arts and also the Golden Badge to the Merit for the Wroclaw Province and the City of Wroclaw.
It has also been awarded national and international prizes, distinctions, diplomas and medals for their work in favour of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw, including the Medal of the 50th Anniversary of the Agricultural University.
"Jedlinoik" also organises didactic and training courses. Since its foundation around 3000 students from different university centers in Wroclaw have attended its activities.
Former members of the ensemble on numerous occasions have created and taken up the management of their own folk groups and are promoters of the cultural life in the region.

"JEDLINIOK" Student Folk Ensemble
50-366 Wroclaw
pl. Grunwaldzki 63, D.S. TALIZMAN
tel./fax. 0048 328-32-21
e-mail: dss@ozi.ar.wroc.pl



This Basque Folk Dance Ensemble "ALKARTASUNAKO DANTZARI OHIAK" was founded in 1999. The group consists of dancers and musicians who come from Gipuzkoa (Donostia - San Sebastian capital city), the Basque Country territory bordering on the north with the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean).
The musical instruments they play during their performances are wind ones like accordion, txistu (four holed flute held and played by the left hand), xirula (a miniature txistu), dultzaina (nine-hole, end-blown flute with a bell bottom, played with both hands) and alboka (made from the horns of oxen), percussion ones like txalaparta (two thick wood staffs), pandero (tambourine), atabala or danbolina (small drum), and string ones like violin.
Folk dances repertory includes Ikurrinari (welcoming with Basque flag), aurresku (homage or welcome dance to relevant people), ezpata dantza (sword-dance), makil dantza (sticks dance), uztai txiki dantza (small arcs dance), different group and couple dances that originate from the rest of the Basque regions of Navarre, Bizkaia, Lapurdi or Behenafarroa.

Rafa Zulaika -
Luberri communic.action, sl
+34 690 93 50 70




"Bosnia" Cultural-Artistic Society was founded in 1945. At that time it was called "Mitar Trifunović-Učo". It started its work with three clubs: choir, folk and drama ones, all three of which gathered a large number of people. Despite its difficult material and financial condition and charred remnants of houses after the Second World War, the Society manages to obtain equipment and instruments, as well as stage performances for personnel and for railway, road and plants' constructors all over ex-Yugoslavia. After four years of its successful activity and high-quality work, the drama section of the Society grows into Tuzla National Theater.
The Society gathers around 600 active members split into folklore sections, National Orchestra with soloists, "Flamenco" Dance Club, Folklore School as well as "Tuzla come-together at noon" Section.
Since 1964. the Folklore Ensemble and the Orchestra at the Society have participated in international folk festivals. They have appeared as guest preformers in 15 European countries, as well as in USA, Africa and Asia, thus returning to BiH with a series of awards and recognitions.

"BOSNIA" Town Cultural-Artistic Society
75 000 Tuzla
Kazanmahala no.2
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel. ++387 75 252 191

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